Immersify Education Developer

In this blog post, we decided to give you a behind the scenes look at how our team creates the content for our dentistry learning platform. More specifically, we have provided insight into the development of one of our platforms, core pillars – experiences.  

If you’re new around here, experiences are our interactive learning resources which allow you to fine tune your practical skills in a simulated clinical setting.  

You can find our full experience catalogue by going into the Immersify application within the explore page and filter to find the experiences you want to get started with.  

If you haven’t already, you can download Immersify for free:

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You can also access our dentistry content on the web through the Immesify Platform.

Now, back to it…  

We caught up with our user experience (UX) Developer Alex in a Q&A session to ask him about his favourite Immersify Dental Experience.  

Question 1: First things first, what’s your favourite Immersify experience?   

I spent a lot of time working on Nerve Paths, so on a selfish level I have to say that one.  

Question 2: How much time went into building nerve pathways? 

About two months.

Question 3: Where did the idea for Nerve Paths come from? 

We regularly consult with students to understand what they require from a dentistry learning resource. We also speak to dentistry professionals to better understand the processes in Dental Education across all levels of higher education. From our research, the ability for dentistry students to have access to a learning resource that provides a detailed summary of cranial nerves, consistently came up as an area they struggle with. As a result, we developed the Nerve Paths experience as a fun and interactive way to help people learn the cranial nerves.  

Question 4: What makes this experience special? 

Being able to visualise where the nerves go through looks pretty cool and it’s so fun that you learn without even realising.   

Question 5: Do you have any early drafts we can see? 

Sure, but be warned, one is a little creepy. Here are a couple of early drafts we worked on: 

And here is the creepy one (you’ve been warned), this was a glitch we found early on in development:

Question 6: What was the trickiest part of creating this experience? 

A lot of time went into making the path indicator as precise as this experience requires, it almost felt like performing very precise surgery.   


Remember, this dentistry topic doesn’t need to get on your nerves 😉, so download the Immersify app to gain access to various dentistry learning experiences such as, visual dental MCQs, augmented reality simulations and intricate 3D models.  

In the meantime, if you enjoyed this piece of content and would like to see more behind the scenes action then leave a comment below!