The Immersify Platform has been designed for both learners and educators. Our main goal as an educational platform, is to provide the complimentary resources to enhance course delivery and better education. Much like our learners, we want our educators to utilise our platforms various resources as much as possible, and that’s why we have created this ultimate guide.

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Are you a lecturer, tutor or a further education facility?

Striving for delivery of quality education?  

Save time in creating resources and utilise the Immersify Platform’s content to increase motivation and engagement for your learners throughout their educational journey. Make use of our up-to-date resources, which have been curated and quality assured by industry professionals. Incorporate sought-after topics within your course delivery; and include resources that have been brought up in our regular learner focus groups too!   

Aside from these benefits, here is how you can use our platform:  


One way in which you can utilise the Immersify Platform is to use the various visual resources that we have available. From detailed diagrams to intricate 3D models, you can incorporate our content within your own course delivery.

📍 Tip: Use them within presentations and lessons to increase engagement and help your learners visualise the various processes mentioned in textbooks.  

Take advantage of our gamified elements and assessment tools such as our end of topic quizzes and test the groups knowledge on different modules.

📍 Tip: Do this by sharing your screen during a lesson and ask your learners to vote as a group as to what they think the answer should be. If the answer you input is incorrect, you will be notified, allowing you to discuss why it is incorrect and what the correct answer is.

Hosting interactive group sessions will help develop students social skills and enable them to learn from one another.  

We also have QR codes for some of our interactive experiences, animations and lessons.

📍 Tip: Ask our team for access and incorporate these codes within presentations, lectures or lessons.

These QR codes link to a certain activity within the platform, allowing learners to complete the practical experience or lesson during class. Our various activities have been created so that they provide quick snippets of information on a topic, enabling you to use them within your course delivery without being time-consuming.  

Although our content is designed to be quick, this doesn’t take away from the amount of detail that our practical experiences and lessons cover.  

Data Insights

Understand areas that your learners are struggling with through our data insights. Having sight on this information will help you to tailor your teaching content accordingly, enabling you to develop resources that supplement their understanding on topics and modules that they may struggle to understand.  

👉 Please note, for now, our internal team extracts the information for you but our development roadmap includes our analytics portal – where you will be able to export this information yourself.  


92%* see the transferability of our platform’s content to real-life experiences. 

Transferability is one of the much-loved features within the Immersify Platform for our learners.

📍 Tip: With scenario-based learning and practical experiences taking place within a simulated clinical setting, you can utilise these features within your course delivery to provide your learners exposure to ‘actual’ experiences and develop their real-time decision making.  

In order to provide you with a relevant example, we are going to make this case specific to our dentistry content.

💉 Our Local Anaesthetic experience provides a patient case scenario, where the learner must make an informed decision based on a patient’s clinical history. Once they have chosen the type of anaesthetic, injection site and angle, they are presented with feedback that gives reasons as to why their choice was the correct one or, provides a better option in each scenario. During this process, the learner also gets to see an animation of how the patient’s nerves are affected by the anaesthetic.  

All these elements are designed to make the experience as realistic as possible and demonstrate to our learners the impacts of their decisions.

📍 Tip: Providing this simulated clinical setting overcomes the barrier to not enough clinical time.

You can take comfort knowing your learners can undergo these practical experiences as many times as they want; allowing them to learn and fail within a safe environment.  

Calling all educational institutes!

Through advanced technology, industry-led content and high-quality visual resources, it’s no wonder 90%* of students said they would use the Immersify Platform if it was provided as part of their curriculum.  

Aside from this, Immersify has helped learners achieve the top grade within their studies. We have a particular case in which an Immersifyer achieved the top grade in Dental Anatomy through using our platform.  

Want to see the case study?

How can the Immersify Platform help you with student acquisition? Let’s get into it. 


Back in 2016, EdTech Specialist, Joanne McIntosh said this:  

“Technology will become a differentiator in years to come, a commitment by an institution to invest in new technologies for learning will shape a student’s perception of how forward thinking the institution is, and whether they are at the cutting edge of technology advancements. Students nowadays expect technology to play a key part in their education experience – they are used to using technology in their everyday lives and have the same expectation when it comes to their university education.” 

In our opinion, Joanne couldn’t have said it better. As an institute, one of your main goals is to increase student acquisition.

👨‍💻 Including digital learning technology, like the Immersify Platform, within your course’s educational resources will help you to look more attractive to prospective students and could be the determining factor as to whether they choose you or another institute; who doesn’t love added perks?  

Data Insights

You can better understand the areas your students are struggling with through our data insights. 

Having this data will highlight to you and your faculty, the areas that need more time, resources and attention, in order to better your student’s education journey. Enhancing their learning journey, will help in retention and student satisfaction. This also demonstrates proactivity – a key skill that you want your students to develop throughout the duration of their course, so you will be leading by example.  

👉 Please note, for now, in order to extract the information for you, our internal team have to do this. But our development roadmap includes our analytics portal, where you can export this information yourself.  

Are you a corporate? Here’s how the Immersify Platform can help you

Want to better understand your trainee’s learning journey?  

As you know, everyone learns differently, so it’s important to accommodate your learners needs accordingly. As you are responsible in supporting your learners throughout their training until they are qualified to practise, it’s important you equip them with the relevant expertise.

Thinking of new ways to recruit talent? 

We know that attracting new and the best talent is something that is always on your mind. When it comes to attracting talent, quantity matters but quality is the most important. Providing your learners with the relevant resources that can help them progress their learning in line with their career goals is essential in attracting and retaining the talent you want.

How can you do this?  

Through supporting your learners in creating a professional development plan – a common exercise that most businesses do. This plan will help them to understand their own goals and aspirations, as well as highlight the industry standards and terminology they need in order to progress. Whilst they train with you, you will help them to progress through their learning journey in order to become an expert within their field. 

💯 When it comes to attracting the best prospective learners, demonstrating your ability to be forward-thinking and proactive is generally a common factor that determines their choice.

These are points you already know, so how does our platform help? Here’s how: 

1:1 Support

This element is essential in all professional learning journeys, as it progresses an individual’s understanding and highlights areas in which they need more work on.  

📈 Within the Immersify Platform we have progress graphs under each topic. After completing a practical experience or lesson, your learners are presented with a quiz (all to reinforce the learning!). Once they have completed this quiz, their score is placed on a graph. This graph represents a track history of how well an individual has performed on a topic.

📍 Tip: Keep a track of how well your learners are doing and highlight areas for improvement through our graphs; focusing your teaching on these areas and continuing their development.  

Once again, in order to provide you with an example from our platform, we are going to make this next case specific to our dentistry content. Say you had a learner shadow you during a Root Canal Treatment (RCT). Once you have finished the procedure, your learner has questions on how to identify when a patient needs to go through with this treatment, more specifically, how to interpret Radiographs.

📍 Tip: You can then make use of our dentistry content that covers a RCT through our detailed imagery and diagrams; enabling you to walk through the process and demonstrate through visual resources as to how it all works and what to look out for.

Another way you can utilise the Immersify Platform is through our QR codes which are available for some of our practical experiences and animated lessons.

📍 Tip: In order to get access to these, reach out to our team.

📍 Tip: Use them complementary alongside a real-life experience to reinforce and walk through how a process or procedure works. 

Now, when promoting yourself to prospective learners, being able to talk about the innovative and modern resources that you have available for them is a massive selling point and will help to attract the best talent.  

With this in mind, Immersify gives learners’ autonomy over their own learning and ensures that everyone has the same learning experience; whilst also saving your tutors time in their course delivery.

👉  Not only does self-directed learning appeal to prospective learners but it also frees up time for tutors and enables them to provide targeted 1:1 support, which provides a more engaging learning journey and ultimately, you’ll appeal to more learners. 


Another element that is essential for the progression and education of your learners, is their understanding in the industry standards that they must adhere to. Our platform’s content is curated, and quality assured by industry experts, so you can rely on the educational resources being true to what they need to know.  

💡 Did you know: We have a content licensing partnership with Oxford University Press; adding another level of accuracy to our academic resources. 

📍 Tip: As our platform’s content spans across beginner learnings through to more advanced modules, you can use the platform to support your learners undergoing CPD courses.

📍 Tip: Learners can make use of the multiple resources, assessment tools and scenario-based learnings so that they can make informed decisions to help them successfully complete their CPD course; think of our platform as a revision tool too.  

With our content being standardised with UK curriculum, international learners will find this particularly appealing.

Let’s refer to our dentistry example again, our dentistry content within the platform has been curated and quality assured by industry experts across the UK. Considering this, learners will undergo their learning in line with UK standards and develop their understanding of dental processes using the relevant dental terminology utilised within UK practice.

👉 Being able to rely on the content, enables you to equip your learners with the relevant skills and expertise they need to progress throughout their career.  

Increase your public relations

Want to establish credibility and continue building your reputation?  

Thought leadership – a buzz term used within a lot of businesses marketing objectives. But becoming a thought leader takes time and regular reinforcement; that’s where the Immersify Platform comes in.  

Brand Awareness

The Immersify Platform provides you with exposure to relevant students and young professionals.

📍 Tip: Take advantage of our platform and strengthen your brand awareness, illustrate your product portfolio and demonstrate the range of services you have to offer.

This level of exposure will help you in attracting and retaining customers to use your products or services throughout their professional career. 

Individuals want to support businesses that provide value to them. More importantly, they want to feel a part of your brand, your community and your mission. But this can’t be achieved if they don’t know where to find you or what it is they might be looking for.

📍 Tip: Younger generations are known to be ‘digital natives’, so utilise the technological channels that they will be using. You can achieve this through the Immersify Platform by sponsoring an experience that is relevant to your business.  

For example, Septodont are known within the dental industry for developing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of high-quality dental products all over the world. Dentistry learners will use these products whilst training, but they may struggle to connect the product with the brand.

That’s where Septodont’s sponsored LA experience within the Immersify Platform comes in. They illustrate their products in a highly visual way to provide young professionals with the insight into their market stance within the dental industry. 

Septodont logo
Ready to use the Immersify Platform?

We hope this guide provided you with useful tips as to how you can utilise the Immersify Platform as an additional resource alongside your current teaching methods. 

If you would like more information on how the Immersify Platform can be beneficial to you and your learners, book some time in with our education team. They would be happy to discuss this in more detail with you! 

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* Survey held with several UK University students.