Let us introduce, Oxford University Press 

Oxford University Press strive to create the highest quality academic and educational resources and make them available across the world. They share University of Oxford’s uncompromising standards, defining qualities, and believe in the transformative power of education and research to inspire progress and realise human potential.

Time to share the news…  

It is with great excitement and pride that we announce that Immersify Education are partnering with Oxford University Press. The collaboration will allow Immersify to incorporate the expertise of the world’s largest university press within the Immersify platform.  

So, how will this partnership benefit you?  

✍️ For our learners using the platform, we will be able to enhance the learning experience further by adding more industry expert content, and also continue to bring the highest quality academic content.  

🏫 For our educators, who utilise the Immersify Education platform to support their students, you will be able to continue to do so through increasing the accessibility to comprehensive academic content. Our platform condenses the information and includes experiences to provide a holistic view compared to traditional resources. Additionally, for universities that are incorporating innovative technology, such as the Immersify platform, the proactiveness to be early adopters of technology to enhance student learning shows that you are ahead of the curve; leading to an increase in student engagement and could help in student retention. As part of Donham et al 2022 research study, they found that classroom technology* was one of the most influencing factors in reducing cognitive load and increasing student engagement.

🤝 For our shareholders, this partnership solidifies the scope for Immersify Education to expand into other academic areas. As Oxford University Press covers an array of educational fields, this initial licensing agreement for its leading titles have the potential to include additional high quality academic content and educational resources across many subjects in the future, as opposed to pigeon-holing our platform to being specific to one academic area.  

How are Oxford University Press and Immersify Education supporting each other? 
  • Oxford University Press’ gold-standard content will be brought to life through Immersify’s platform, providing an engaging and interactive learning experience. 
  • Our platform increases the accessibility to Oxford University Press’ quality content, supporting Oxford University Press’ ethos of  worldwide access to educational resources. 
  • This partnership allows for the continuous growth of quality content available on Immersify’s platform. 
  • This partnership demonstrates the scalability of the Immersify platform. 

Andrew Sandland, Senior Business Development and Strategy Manager at Oxford University Press said:

At Oxford University Press, our goal of becoming a digital-first publisher and mission to create world-class academic and educational resources and disseminate them widely, guides every decision we make. This is the case with Immersify Education, where joining the theoretical with the practical will undoubtedly help the next generation of dental students train to the highest of standards.

Chloe Barrett, CEO at Immersify Education added:  

For us at Immersify Education, it’s pivotal to solidify relationships that allow us to continue developing and growing the Immersify platform. Having Oxford University Press as a content licensing partner will support our mission of making expert content and gamified and personalised resources, the fundamental element of education.


Overall, everyone at Immersify Education is excited about this partnership (if you can’t tell already!), but mainly because Oxford University Press’ ethos is really aligned to who we are as an organisation.  

If we were to provide one example as to how Oxford University Press and Immersify Education complement each other so well, it would be this “when we know more, we can solve new problems and explore fresh possibilities” **. 

As a team, we have never related to another organisation so closely, and therefore we are eager to see how our partnership grows and the possibilities we can both provide to learners across the globe.  


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* Classroom technology: having access to, and the effective use of, hardware, software, and instructional resources (Donham et al 2022). 

** Oxford University Press’ recent promotional video