Written by: Maii Zulkifli, Alexandria University.

I was in my second year of dentistry when I first heard about Immersify. I struggled with some topics, and I tried to find a dentistry mobile app that could help me understand them. Recognizing the differences between each tooth and the anatomy of the oral cavity was a big challenge for me. Especially when the pandemic was hitting us, with every class being moved to online classes. No more going to the labs and seeing the real thing before our eyes. I tried to find diagrams, but they didn’t help much, and most of the 3D images provided on Google aren’t as detailed and accurate as I hoped.  

So, I scrolled the App Store for a few minutes and then found Immersify. When I realized that it was a dentistry learning application, I downloaded it without hesitation. I tried the augmented reality features within the app right away and I love them so much. Such a lifesaver!  

Use Android? You can download Immersify for free here: 

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Don’t have a hand-held device? You can view Immersify’s dentistry content via the web on the Immersify Platform.

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To this day, I use Immersify to revise dentistry topics that I find quite difficult. After studying the lessons taught by my lecturers, I spend my free time reviewing lessons in Immersify. The 3D features in each topic help me better understand what I have learned. I like to take notes at each lesson, and I love the way each lesson ends with questions to test my knowledge. Whenever I answered the questions incorrectly, I wrote the questions down and included them in my handouts as a reminder. This way I can understand my mistakes and avoid repeating them. 

Every single feature within the app is very helpful, but the ones I find most interesting – probably because I’ve struggled before – are AnatoME, Local Anesthetics, and Cranial Nerves. The LA feature is amazing. I love the way we have a certain patient history, and we have to choose which LA is right to be administered. That’s a great feature for me as we don’t have many hands-on experiences with LA these days since the pandemic. I learned the theoretical part in dental school, but with Immersify I can practice within the simulated clinical lessons without worrying about hurting someone if I make mistakes.

Immersify has made my study time so much more enjoyable. I’ve ended up spending less time scrolling through Google Images to find the perfect diagram to study, because Immersify has almost all the 3D models I need. As a result, I can better understand the dentistry subjects that I’m learning about. I realized how much more fun and understanding I had with every feature they offered. Knowing that more features are coming, I’m beyond thrilled!