Welcome Immersifyer! 👋 Here is your ultimate features guide on using Immersify. 

First off, if you are not able to find Immersify within the App Store or Google Play Store then your device may not be compatible. Generally speaking, if you have a 10+ version in iOS and 11+ for Android then you should have no issues finding us!   

You can check here:

📲 App Store

📲 Google Play Store

Alternatively, if you are not able to access our content via your hand-held device, we have our Web Platform, which we call the Immersify Platform.  

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Before you get started

As a friendly reminder, we have a couple of tips that will help you getting started with Immersify. 

✏️ This may seem straightforward, but make sure you have a strong enough connection, preferrable WiFi or 5G. Our platform requires a good internet connection to display the animations and augmented reality resources as cleanly as possible.  

✏️ Make sure to close any apps you may have open in the background.  

Now, into the good stuff 👌

What we recommend doing 

Within our September update of Immersify we included our new Challenge feature.  

This feature works like an onboarding, but trust us, it’s not a boring one!

With interactive resources, engaging animations, and quick bite-size lessons you can get stuck in straight away into our platform’s content 💪

Our Challenge feature has been designed to give you an idea as to what to expect from the different features that are available within Immersify, such as augmented reality resources, scenario-based learnings, simulated clinical settings and our various animations.

Also, our challenge feature is an opportunity for you to try some of our Premium content for free and see for yourself how it can support your learning experience.  

How to use our new Challenge feature

Free tier get 1 token per day. 

Premium tier get 3 tokens per day.  

Use tokens to complete the activities or global challenge within the Challenge feature. 

Even if you have completed an activity, but haven’t got the score you wanted, you can use tokens to better your score. The higher your score, the more crowns you get!  


Crowns are achieved once you have completed an activity or global challenge.  

The score you get, will determine how many crowns you receive. These crowns add up so that you can progress into the next challenge stage.  

Also, you don’t need a perfect score across all activities to progress into the next stage but, you will need to get a certain amount.  

As you progress through the challenge stages, the topics that the activities are based on are generally more advanced modules.  


This is the chance to really challenge yourself and compete with other learners from around the world. In order to unlock the global challenges, you’ll need to complete your profile, so make sure you chose a username and a cool avatar to join this competition! 😎

Complete the global challenges and get the highest score so you get placed as the champion for that stage. 

Now, this can be achieved in two ways: 

1️⃣ The global challenge is related to the previous activities you have completed. So, strengthen your knowledge on the supporting topics beforehand to give yourself the best opportunity to get the highest score.


2️⃣ Jump straight to the global challenge! Bypass the four previous activities and get stuck in.  

Once completing the global challenge not only are you competing for top spot, but you will also get crowns dependent on the score you get. Remember, you will still need to get enough crowns to progress through to the next stage. 

That’s it, happy competing! 🏅

How to use our features 

Our animations can 360-rotate as well as zoom in and out of the model. This interactivity allows you to navigate and engage with the 3D models so that you can better understand the intricacies of different structures, processes and specialities. You can also speed up and slow down the animation within lessons, so you decide where to focus your attention.  

Within the Immersify app, this is done with finger movement, whereas on the Immersify Platform on web, this is done using your mouse cursor.  

So you know: we have icons on our animations in which you can interact with.  

Augmented Reality Resources

This is one of our much-loved features within Immersify. 

This YouTube video demonstrates how to place and interact with the model using our augmented reality feature. 

But in short, here are a few tips to remember when setting up the augmented reality feature: 

  • Placing the model: make sure the space around you is clear and lighting is good 
  • Make sure you place the model on a flat surface, and nothing is obstructing the surface like computer wires 
  • Set up the augmented reality away from your four-legged friends; they may get up quickly and obstruct the view 🐶🐱 

Remember: you can only enjoy our AR features via our Immersify app.  

Now, go and enjoy!  

We hope this guide has provided you with some useful answers but if you are still having trouble, please reach out to our Customer Relations Specialist, Tom on thomaskeatley@immersifyeducation.com 

If you haven’t downloaded the Immersify app, you can do so for free via these links:

📲 App Store 

📲 Google Play Store  

Alternatively, we have our content available on the Immersify Platform.

Check out Immersify Platform