Immersify Dental is an application that is built with the dental community in mind: therefore, everything Immersify Education does is dental student and dental professional lead. Our Community Programme was designed to support all the different dentistry qualifications including BDS students, Dental hygiene and therapy, Dental nurses and qualified dental professionals to build a network where they can contribute to developing better resources for their education and training, and connect with fellow colleagues and renowned academics to build a strong network that supports their dental journey. To achieve this, the Immersify Dental Community program is structured as follows:

Members: This role is ideal for anyone who wishes to know more about what Immersify Education does. Members will receive bi-monthly newsletters with information about the Immersify Dental app and some dentistry-related content. Members will also get early access to online and offline events. To become a member, please fill the Immersify Dental Members form.

Advocates: These are individuals who use Immersify Dental regularly, are enthusiastic about the app and are keen in working to spread the word about the benefits of this application for dentistry students. They will actively support the community by providing innovative ideas and propositions and giving their feedback on new topics released on the app. Advocates will have Free admittance to Immersify’s Dental Student Events and will also be supported by sharing their relevant posts on Immersify Education social media. They will also be given the opportunity to become an Ambassador or Innovator when the next phase of applications is open. Please fill in the Immersify Dental Advocate form to apply for this position and join the Immersify team.

Ambassadors and Innovators: University BDS or BSc students, dental nurses or recently qualified dentists or hygienists who actively use Immersify Dental and who positively represent Immersify Education’s values and culture on social and public channels, both online and offline. Both of them support Immersify Education by promoting connections between the organisation and their university and by providing feedback and suggestions on the Immersify Education app. Each Ambassador and Innovator has remunerated consultancy hours and will be given the opportunity to participate in events and meetings that will allow them to expand their dental network.

  • Ambassadors: They have strong communication skills, and ideally, have an active social media channel dedicated to dentistry related issues. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to contribute with social media content and can create blog posts, YouTube videos and different material to communicate the benefits of the Immersify Dental app as a tool to support dental students and professionals.
  • Innovators: They have the ability to share their views in a distinctive way. Innovators support the development of the Immersify Dental App in relation to the technological aspects of it by participating in testing, focus groups and ideation sessions.

Champions: This position is set for outstanding Innovators and Ambassadors, committed to supporting the Immersify Dental Community in the long term. They should have demonstrated professionalism, commitment, and dedication as Dental Ambassadors and Innovators and drive to go the extra mile. Each Champion will represent a region in the UK; they will be entitled to more consultancy hours, extra PR opportunities within the community and they will have a dedicated section in the Immersify Education website. Additionally, the organisation will contribute to one online training course that helps Champions to gain a deep understanding of a specific issue they are interested in, this can be related to dentistry or technology.

We believe in the power of achieving things together; for us, the Immersify Dental Community is one of the most important elements of our organisation and we are always looking forward to welcoming more people to the team. What are you waiting for?