Setting the scene 

Dentistry as a profession, is extremely comprehensive and complex. 

With the main goal of wanting to better understand dentistry topics, our Immersifyer struggled to find a resource that provided enough context but in a simplified and engaging way.  

How did our resource help?

It’s important to note here, that we haven’t created Immersify, or what we call the Immersify Platform, to convert individuals to only use this educational resource. Instead, it has been designed so that it is complementary with the more traditional forms of learning 

Our Immersifyer used Immersify to help visualise the content that was covered within their lessons and what they saw within textbooks. Through utilising our platform’s detailed animations, diagrams and intricate 3D models, they were able to understand dentistry modules easier through comparing the content within textbooks against the visual resources that our platform has; this provided a more 360 approach to learning.

Dentistry module they wanted to understand: Dental Anatomy 

Through completing the range of topics involved within our Dental Anatomy module, our Immersifyer was able to fully apply their theoretical understanding to the lessons and experiences within our platform, but in a fun and engaging way!  

For example, they used AnatoME, our interactive experience on the Muscles of the Head topic, which uses augmented reality to test your knowledge on facial muscles including insertion points and origin points. As AnatoME is on a topic within the module of Dental Anatomy, our Immersifyer was able to understand how this topic plays a part in the judgement and assessment skills needed for mastering Dental Anatomy. 

Not only this, but our detailed imagery of 3D models and diagrams helped our Immersifyer to interpret the intricacies within Cranial Nerves; another topic that is fundamental to Dental Anatomy 

Understanding your weaknesses is an important element of learning

Throughout our Immersifyer’s journey, they were able to utilise the different features within the platform, especially one of our much-loved elements: instant feedback.  

A key feature for our Immersifyer was the instant feedback that they received after completing a lesson or experience; this is an essential element when it comes to learning and understanding a topic.  

Our Immersifyer mentioned how only using a textbook to learn theory, meant they couldn’t efficiently test their knowledge on what they just studied and get immediate feedback. Whereas with our platform, they completed dental quizzes after finishing a topic and got a score and feedback as to how well they did, reinforcing concepts in an engaging way.  

Bonus tips from us!

Since our Immersifyer first started using Immersify and following feedback from our community, we have developed a couple new features within the platform.  

Although these are new adds, we have had some amazing feedback from our community of Immersifyers!

New Feature: Progress Graphs 📈

Once you complete a topic or module, you will be presented with a graph that has tracked your previous scores and provides a historical log of those scores. This feature allows you to visualise your performance over time and see areas that you need to freshen up on. 

New Feature: Challenges 🏆

When tracking your progress, our challenge feature provides more clarity on how you have advanced from beginner learnings through to more complex modules.  

What did Immersify help them achieve?  

Drum roll… 🥁  

Our Immersifyer was able to achieve the top grade in their Dental Anatomy module!   

Here’s what our Immersifyer has to say about Immersify:  

“I have tried all the topics and they are great: it’s like a mind map, which has helped me to summarise dental subjects efficiently. Immersify Premium is worth every penny. Thanks for helping me get the top grade in dental anatomy.” 

Nhật Hoàng, Dental student at Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam 

Immersify’s Goals

One of the main aims of our platform is to provide an educational resource for students so they can use it to achieve their learning goals.

Whether this is to achieve the top grade, freshen up on terminology or better understand certain procedures, our platform has been created with efficiency, engagement and enjoyment at the forefront.  

Through a personalised learning experience and ability to track progress, our platform is to be used so that it provides students with the complementary resources to support them with their studies.  

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