At Immersify Education, we are passionate about giving our community the best learning experience. That’s why we continuously develop our educational platform so that we can support our worldwide learners with the best learning resources. 

As a result, we launched our premium dentistry content, available on the Immersify Dental platform, via an individual paid subscription service. This means that our dentistry education platform is available to anyone studying, practicing, or interested in dentistry. Whether you are a pre-dental or dentistry student, hygienist and therapist, dental nurse or technician, Immersify Dental has something for you

Our free tier provides a taste of Immersify Premium 

The main goal for our free tier of the platform, which everyone can get immediate access to when they download Immersify Dental, is to give users the ability to dive into all the platform’s key features such as intricate visuals, animations, and interactive dentistry resources; enabling our users to see the range of content available.  

So, as soon as you download Immersify Dental, you get access to our top dentistry modules, which are:  

🦷 Dental ID, our interactive experience on Tooth Morphology 

🦷 Skull Overview, which is our animated lesson on Skull Anatomy 

🦷 Chartistry, our augmented reality approach to Dental Charting

Interested in Radiography, Cranial Nerves or Restorative Dentistry? Then try Immersify Premium!

The dentistry topics mentioned above are just a few of which we have available within Immersify Premium. Some of our community’s favourite topics which are included within Immersify Premium, are: 

🦷 Cavity Assessment, a case-by-case Caries Assessment experience  

🦷 AnatoME, our augmented reality experience to practice the Muscles of the Head topic 

🦷 Intro to instruments and dental equipment, our hands-on approach to different hand instruments 

PSA: 7-day FREE Trial of Immersify Premium  

You read that right! We are offering Immersify Premium free of charge for seven days.  

This means every person who downloads Immersify Dental, can get unlimited access to all our platform’s premium content for a whole week.  

You may be asking; how do I get access to Immersify Premium? 

For our users who already have Immersify Dental, open the app, and go to the diamond icon; it’s that easy. If you haven’t downloaded the Immersify Dental app, it’s three easy steps: 

💎 Download Immersify Dental for FREE

💎💎 Create an account 

💎💎💎 Navigate to the diamond icon, and voilà!  

You can access the free trial on your mobile using THIS LINK

We want the best for our community

Here at Immersify Education, we care about what our community wants and from the feedback we received, we believe that this trial is the best way to provide our users with the full Immersify Dental experience.  

Having unlimited access to all our dentistry content for the duration of the trial, will enable dental students and professionals the ability to see how other learning resources can complement the more traditional forms of learning.  

Now what are you waiting for, go start the free trial of Immersify Premium now!